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Trying To Live a Normal Apple Pie Life

The sim!adventures of letinthelight.

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the owner;
Hey, I'm Leigh, aka. letinthelight. I'm a twenty-something longtime simmer. I play The Sims 3 almost exclusively nowadays and play with all EPs, although I'm currently rocking the base game on my laptop while I'm in between PCs.
the journal;
This is where I will post anything that is sims-related. None of that is over in my main journal, but you are welcome to friend my personal journal (for whatever reason). Just keep in mind that unless you send me a message or a comment over there (or it's otherwise super-obvious) how I know you and/or why you're friending me, I probably will not friend you back automatically. So just drop me a line. (: The community's membership is open for easy following & of course you're welcome to watch for updates, no need to ask. The contents of this journal are kind of random sims-related posts. I've attempted posting legacies in the past, and suffice it to say that I get bored with having to cap everything. So you will occasionally see updates from sims in my game, but you won't really find a legacy here.
the downloads;
I anticipate that most of what will end up here will be sims for download. Generally speaking, the sims I create won't be shared with anything you'll have to go out of your way to put into your game, such as store content or CC (like sliders). The sims I share that have been born in-game aren't guaranteed to be held to the same standard, since I do play my game with CC installed. I'll always specify if a download requires more than just the base game. I'd love to see what you do with my sims, so if you take them, let me know! You can customize & torture them however you'd like, I just ask that you not alter their facial structure. Gender, coloring, clothing, traits, names, etc. etc. are all perfectly fine to customize, though, so go crazy!